The Decision That Will Change the Course of Your Life

file1Each week there’s something I excuse and then worse, justify. The misuse of free time that could have been spent on productivity, a meal I know I shouldn’t indulge in that I say is “my treat” for working hard or “no biggie because I’ll work it off”, or whatever else. (No, I don’t diet or strictly limit foods I eat. Yes, it does have to do with healthy living but more so about self-control and consistency as it relates to my life overall.) The little decisions that I dismiss are those that build up and become negative habits. Learning to control those impulses can mean changing my life significantly. Essentially (moment-to-moment), I’m one decision away from being where I want to be.
With that in mind, I say: Don’t hold yourself back. You are your own worst enemy. If you want to be happy with yourself, stop excusing those very things you know are slowing you down. Yes, we mfileay call them guilty pleasures, but if they are positive pleasures that aren’t overdone, you shouldn’t feel guilty about them. Hold yourself accountable for your decisions. Most importantly, you are a steward of the time God has given you on this earth. How are you accounting for it so you can cash in the blessings that are awaiting you?
Think of it this way: Your next decision will change the COURSE of your life, because it very well may.


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