The Ever-Progressing Masterpiece

masterpiece & work in progress

A friend of mine texted me this, this morning. (I’m grateful to/for friends who truly support me.) Although I had seen these words before, they struck me differently in that moment. It seems like lately I have been thinking a lot about my current state and how I want to progress. Instead of getting hung up on how I am not exactly where I want to be, I should continue working towards that. Even though the “pruning” is painful, I am glad that I am able to remind myself that the process is part of my journey. That is one thing that helps me continue to set goals and do my best to conquer those goals. A reminder to myself and to whoever is reading this, yes we may have critics but oftentimes we are our own toughest critics. Sometimes we think that we have fallen short when we make a misstep on our journey, but I would argue a perspective shift: that it’s not falling short, it’s being tested, educated, and built for the next steps. That is why it is important to show yourself compassion when the process gets tough. It will get tough and beating yourself up does not help. Permit yourself to be human. Think about the ideal way we’d take care of wounds as children (crying sometimes even wailing to the point we forget to breath, gently cleaning, kissing the ‘boo-boo’, applying Neosporin, covering with a bandage), why don’t we do something similar to care for some of our intangible wounds along our journey? As a masterpiece, one of the hardest things to do is master peace. Don’t be hard on yourself to the point that you stunt your progress. So yes, it is true; you are a masterpiece but that also means you are ever-adapting, ever-evolving, and ever-growing. The perks of being human.


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