So, You Think You Know Yourself?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “there’s got to be more to my life…to who I am”? This can be addressed from different lenses but for now, I’ll start with self. Recently I’ve been more in tune with my emotions and that has opened a world of trouble, excitement, fear, possibilities, expectations, you name it. I didn’t used to understand or feel like I could relate when people would say, “I’m learning so much about myself”. My thought (inner) response: You mean to tell me, you’ve lived with yourself for x amount of years and you don’t know who you are? But I get it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an epiphany-like-major-discovery but even the subtlest conscious realizations are notable. It’s as if I’m consciously getting into this part of me that I hadn’t allowed myself to access before, partly with the intention of avoiding what I feel like is happening now, chaos of emotions. There are parts of my life I’m okay with being spontaneous and adventurous, but when it comes to feelings, I want balance. In order for there to be balance there has to be management in place and that’s what I had been used to doing for the longest. Compartmentalizing my feelings and even giving some of them unspoken/unwritten deadlines of when they should settle, pass, or change. But that’s just it, feelings shouldn’t simply “pass”. They are meant to be experienced. To treat them otherwise is to deny myself the human experience.

I read a quote from Neal Donald Walsch recently: “You cannot change the outer event, but you can change the inner experience.” That right there is what I’m working on—accepting, embracing, and working with my emotional connectedness—however that presents. But know that I can’t just drop that dime of quote and leave y’all hanging. We’ll get more into it later.

For now, willingly reflect on your inner responses to your outer events. There’s a message in the midst of your mess. I’d love to hear from you and what you’re learning along your life journey. Shoot me a message or a comment.

Be kind to yourself. You deserve that.




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