To Blog Is Not to Brag

I’ve selected a few questions that came to mind while I was deciding to relaunch my blog and would like to share my thoughts on them.

The meaning behind the name?


‘Jana’ in Arabic (taken in Maroc)

Why ‘Fruit of Paradise’? Aren’t you feeling yourself a bit much? Jana is my first name. It has multiple meanings but the meaning my parents manifested upon my life by naming me that is “God’s gracious gift” or “fruit of paradise”. Although I love the meaning of my first name so much that I named my blog after it, I’m used to being called Robina, my middle name, after my dear late great-grandmother who lived up to the root meaning “of bright fame”. Onwong’a. My family name that speaks to my bold and rich Kenyan roots. There she is, Jana Robina Onwong’a.

Why write or blog publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

Even though I will be blogging publicly I will still keep a personal journal as I have always done to track my prayers, visions, hopes, milestones, disappointments, and more. As you might be thinking, “but your public blog will not look the same as your personal journal.” You’re right but that is not to say I will only share the glitz and glamor. That would be unrealistic.

One of the gifts of being a writer is that it gives you an excuse to do things, to go places and explore. Another is that writing motivates you to look closely at life, at life as it lurches by and tramps around. —Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird

I believe that nobody else in the universe can speak or write of life the way I do. My lens is tailor made thus my expression flows accordingly. I usually write for myself (nothing wrong with that) and have always thought, well how selfish of me to experience challenges and growth and sadness and happiness and keep it all to myself? Understand, to blog is not to brag, but to connect by sharing. I’m using this platform to share my stories with hopes of connecting with and inspiring others who follow along or even come across my words. I gleam in moments when I can live vicariously through others because there is amplified life in shared experiences.

What topics do I think I’ll write about? 

Look forward to topics ranging from travel experiences, to challenging school days, to uplifting moments, to lifestyle decisions, to open ended thoughts that can lead to engaging conversations, and more. I’d love for you to feel comfortable sharing your voice and perspectives with me as well.

Who am I looking forward to connecting with via my blog?

I am open to connecting with like-minded individuals so we can possibly collaborate. I am also open to interacting with people who will challenge my worldview so we can ultimately help one another enhance our scopes and ability to make an impact.

Any questions? I’m open to pondering and responding to them.

Let’s interact and build.


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